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Fred da Cat & His Human Minions
6 most recent entries

Date:2007-05-11 21:29
Subject:Big Loud Sounds Outside! Don't like it! Mwharw!
Mood: (big minion is! me excited!

This morning, R left really early so i went exploring. There was action in the backyard this morning, many small things flying in the back yard making plenty of noise! R & M left the big patio door open last night (with the screen closed), i found a tiny hole at the bottom of the screen and worked at it, it was really cool! the hole got bigger, and bigger, and bigger...i poked my head in, then my shoulders, back legs, and tail. I escaped the big cave and went into the world to meet these flying things (big minion R has told me now that this things are called birds, strange name, can't meow that very well). I saw one bird fly over a tall barrier, so I crawled under the big barrier and followed the bird, down hard ground to the front of the big cave. There, in front of the big cave was a big metal loud scary loud (did i say loud) object that moved and made horrible sounds. I was really really scared! Really scared! I ran to the window sill in front of the big cave (house according to minion R, meow! she is so critical and corrects me all the time), i meowed! meowed loudly!

Big minion M opened the door, i heard nice sounds from Big minion M, I ran into the big cave (oops! house!), and i head butted big M's legs, he purred big minion words. I felt much better, big minion was upset but not mad, he after awhile (i think he was closing doors and windows), said gentle words. He then sat on a couch (new word too) and stroked me for 20 minutes. He was late for work but he told me that work could wait, because he needed time with me.

Big R came home late, she had a busy day but now she is calming down and i am sitting on a warm object watching her fingers move around and she tells me she is typing. Strange action, usually her hands don't move like that when I am on her lap.

That is all from here!


Fred da Cat.


Commentary from Big Minion R,

Quote: Most cats, when they are Out want to be In, and vice versa, and often simultaneously. - Louis F. Camuti, DVM

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Date:2007-04-27 21:14
Subject:First Entry - Big Cat Cave to Cat Minion's Cave
Mood: content


Fred da cat very happy.  Many days ago, i was put in a dark cave that moved and went to a place that smelled like meat. I was put in a metal cage and my fur was loose!  A big cat minion opened cage door and picked me up. I sat on minion's lap. Minion smelled good. Oh so happy. At kitty foster home, many many cats, no minions to sit on. Sat on this minion's lap for half and hour. Purr!  Purr!  Oh and my ears were scratched. Then, bigger minion placed me on his lap. He says strange things like "blah blah puss" and "oh you are so cute!". Slept. Dozed.

Suddenly back in cage, away from minions. Back in dark cave that moved. Back to big room with many other cats.  Don't like big room. Me small, other cats eat my meat. Always hungry. Sleep. Eat hard meat. Sleep. Ate more hard meat, hard meat taken by other cats. Sleep. Many sleeps. Foster minion puts me in dark cave that moved. Scared!  Fur flying!. Meowwwwwwww!

Moving dark cave jostled and opened. Scared. New smells. Big open cavern. Sniff sniff. Strange shadows and corners. Leave dark cave and see new things. No cats! Just cat minions!  A big cat minion says: "hey puss!", other big cat minion says come here Fred. I approach. Get big rub. Purr! Purr! Smaller cat minion gives me meat, wet meat not hard meat!  Yummmmmmmmm!  Purr Purr. I love new meat. I love new minion's, really happy.  Foster minion leaves, new minions take me to a room with big soft flat raised field. Big minions place me on field, and go into a cave! Many scratches and petting. Very very very purr!  

Big minions in their cave very quiet, i open big wooden object and see large see-through barrier and bright lights. Me sleep. Me happy.


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Date:2007-04-24 21:10
Subject:New Family Addition
Mood: relaxed

Hi all!

We have a new addition to our small family.  M & I saw "fred" the cat the first time a week or so ago at an adoption clinic at a local pet food store.  It was love at first sight. We waited a week, and adopted him on Saturday.  Fred is cute, gentle, 18 months, and loves to cuddle.  He is quickly adapting, loves catnip and the laser pointer (a form of exercise). No scratches so far!

And there he is!  Ahhhhh.....so cute.
I think I am going to go and pet him now.


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Date:2007-03-25 19:43
Subject:fettuccine carbonara recipe
Mood: satisfied

We made some fettuccine carbonara tonight, and the recipe was fabulous! We used 3 yr old parmesan cheese, fresh naturally smoked bacon, and fresh cream.

I have to share it!

Fettuccine carbonara

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15-20 minutes

250g dried fettuccine
30g softened butter
4-5 strips of bacon
1/3 cup (80ml) of cream
pinch of spanish paprika
1 egg
1 egg yolk, extra
60g grated parmesan cheese

Add pasta to large pan of boiling salted water; boil, uncovered, until jest tender (al dente); drain. Return pasta to pan with butter, toss over low heat until combined.

Remove rind from bacon, cut bacon into thin strips. Place bacon in large frying pan over low heat, cook gently until crisp. Drain off fat from pan, leaving approximately 2 table spoons.

Add cream and paprika to pan, stir until combined. Place egg, egg yolk, and half the cheese in bowl, beat until combined.

Add cream mixture, egg mixture and bacon to pasta, toss until combined. Season with pepper. Sprinkle with remaining grated parmesan cheese.

Serves 4.
Source: Fast and Fabulous: Meals for Busy People. Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks. 2000. p.101.

(I modified the recipe procedure ever so slightly. I chose to cook the bacon while the water was boiling. This allowed the bacon to become crisp on the suggested low heat. In addition, I added the egg mixture with the cream mixture in the bacon pan and cooked it for less than one minute on low heat).

Advice: M's aunt, who was a wonderful exceptional cook, swore by the Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks (AWWC).  I have to agree! I have several cookbooks from the series and each recipe is tasty and turns out great! You can find AWWC series at Indigo Books, Chapters, and for my Winterpeg friends...at McNally Robinson....i am so jealous!! i wish we had an english language bookstore like McNally's in Montreal.


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Date:2007-03-23 23:57
Subject:puke plates
Mood: bored

Hi Everyone!

I was led to this image some devious librarians.

You can find more wonderful "cartoons" at: www.marriedtothesea.com
And the link to the cartoon that brought me here: http://marriedtothesea.com/031707/jerkoff-library.gif

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Date:2007-03-14 20:08
Subject:slanguage and that damned paper
Mood: amused

Just had a nice meal of pierogies. Tried a new brand from Poland. Pretty good. Still can get better ones in the 'peg but those are homemade.

I really should be doing my essay instead. but what the heck, this is more fun.

Thankyou diggerlicious and friends for showing this great fun lj!

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